The oneness people stressed using the ceremonial formula of baptizing in the name of
Jesus.The Trinitarians steadfastly uttered the words, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The
Pentecostal churches split over these issues. Many of the early twentieth centuries
Pentecostal groups shattered because of the friction and fury generated by the Godhead and
water baptism issues.
As Brother Sowders studied and prayed over these issues, the Lord revealed to him the truth
of the
Godhead.He was lead by God to take the middle ground on these issues. Through the
truth of the word of God, he could reach out to both his
Oneness and Trinitarian brethren. The
Trinitarians taught three persons in the Godhead. The Oneness people taught there was only
one personal Deity. Brother Sowders contended that there were not three, or one, but rather...
TWO separate persons in the Godhead.
God the Father, whom he alleged, was a Spirit (Being)
Jesus the Son, a Heavenly Creature.
Two separate and distinct souls, yet one greater than the other.
He agreed with the Oneness element that the Holy Ghost was not a person, but rather the
Spirit, or essence of God. He placed a distinction between
Spirit and a Spirit.
God began to touch the hearts of men and women to stand with him. Brother Sowders was a
man of progress, and determination. He advanced beyond his fellow Ministers in revealed
truth. God restored to him the many doctrines of the early church, which were lost during the
falling away and the apostasy of the dark ages. He moved beyond the knowledge of the
and the Second Coming of Christ. Brother Sowders began to preach the truth as God
gave him
on Hell; Babylon; the Body of Christ; Charity, Water Baptism (more than & in Jesus
name). In addition,
Eternal Judgment; the Number and qualifications to be part of Christ's
; and The Godhead. These were all revealed and restored to their original first century
The foundation of all that was taught by this wonderful man of God was:CHARITY. Doctrines
were taught and threshed out by this very tool. Brother Sowders continually
emphasized the
importance of
Charity to the saints and ministers of God. It is through the doctrine (and Spirit)
Charity that The Body of Jesus Christ continued (and continues) to form and gain
momentum in the earth.
Following a vision in 1935, Brother Sowders bought 350 acres of hilly land near
Shepherdsville, Kentucky for $2,245.00. He called it the Gospel of the Kingdom Camp
, his City of God, the place of his vision to hold annual meetings for ministers and
believers from all over the country. A home for the aged and a sanctuary for retired ministers.
The Camp Ground is a haven for all of God's children regardless of race, nationality, or
religious background.
General View of Camp Ground
Shepherdsville, Kentucky
Dining Hall - Camp Ground
Shepherdsville, Kentucky
Typical Cottages- Camp Ground
Shepherdsville, Kentucky
Brother Sowders, with the love of God in his heart, opened his arms wide to all people. He
was one of the first authorities to integrate his churches. To this day, the
Gospel of the
Kingdom Camp Ground
is still a haven and a refuge for The Body of Jesus Christ, where
meetings are held twice each year.
Presently, Brother Sowders' work goes on. His teachings are the foundation stones for
revealed truth in the
Body of Jesus Christ. Brother Sowders instilled a spirit for finding the
absolute truth of the Word of God which is now working in The Body today. Now, as the last
remaining members are being made up to be in the Bride of Jesus Christ, Brother Sowders'
work is being completed. We appreciate Brother Sowders' commitment to the service of our
Lord and Savior. We thank God for the Founder of our work in the last days of the gentile
Updated: 12/30/2015
In 1915 numerous so-called Jesus only groups of both white and black races began to
spring up throughout the country. The Oneness doctrine originated with the preaching of a
Black Church of God Evangelist, in Indianapolis,Indiana. These groups expressed the
belief that there was only one person in the Godhead, that Jesus was the Eternal God.
They also taught that His Spirit was the Holy Ghost, and that the Holy Ghost was not a
person. This doctrine was in contrast to the older established Trinitarians, who accepted
three persons in the Godhead; God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Ghost as a
person also.